Friday, December 24, 2010

Three Rivers, Texas

We went on our annual Three Rivers visit my grandparents grave for Christmas
and to check out the changes in the little town.
My Daddy "Bobby" and my Aunt Patsy grew up in Three Rivers.
Rumor has it...the oil boom is back!
There is a new hotel being built and it has been said there may be a
Chilis and a IHOP near the highway.  We did see lots of new wells drilling between
Kennedy and Three maybe 2011 will be a good year for our
Live Oak County oil wells, too! After all #11 is my family's favorite number.
Rob's first trip to BEAUTIFUL Three Rivers!
Lola & Bogart stayed home....and watched the Christmas tree go round and round!
Our pictorial / historical trip ...ENJOY!
 Our oil wells in Live Oak County...
fingers crossed for another GREAT year of oil and natural gas!
My grand-daddy "Daddy Jack" would have loved watching them produce.
He never saw monthly checks near as big as they are now.
The main Montgomery Well in Oakville, was pumping away.
Our first stop -- Montgomery Square -- that is the block surrounding the courthouse.
Named after my "Daddy Jack" -- he was the mayor of Three Rivers for over 20 years.
 The "Daddy Jack" display in the courthouse -- city council meeting room.

Montgomery Park -- named for my grandmother Lillian "Dolly" Montgomery.
We called her "Mimi". She loved flowers and gardening.
This is a triangle of land that is maintained by the Garden Club.
It was decorated for Christmas.
Mimi and Daddy Jack's house.
It doesn't look as wonderful as it used to with all of Mimi's
beautiful flowers/trees all around.
She was a gardener...with a very green thumb.
I remember taking flowers with her church every Sunday morning.
One of the biggest house in the town...was amazing in it's time!
When we sold it...someone turned in into a bed and breakfast.
Then it has been sold at least twice and is for sale again.
Maybe with the new oil boom it will look better next year!
My Daddy worked at this movie theater as a teenager.
Mimi once had a doctors appt about an hour 1/2 away in San Antonio.
She took me and my brothers to this theater and told us she would pick us
up when she got back to town......I think we watched 101 Dalmations 3 times (or MORE)
before she returned.  MEMORIES........I remember us running around the theater...
it was not a good situation.....they were happy when the Montgomery kids left that day!
Three Rivers Doughnut and Chinese Food???
A funny new business across from the GOODIE BOX.
The Goodie Box is a craft/antique mall.....when the ladies inside
found out we were Montgomerys.....they brought over a framed picture
of my Grandma and her 1st grade class in 1952. It was for sale....of course,
we had to buy it!! The lady that was working was one of her students and
was in the photo, too! I also bought homemade pralines.
Mom bought a birdhouse and a Three Rivers Fruitcake.

Our next stop was the Choke Canyon State look at the lake
and wildlife. We used to go out ~ shake cofee cans full of deer corn and
the deer would be solid. Now there are signs that say feeding wildlife is prohibited.
500$ we didn't feed anything.
We saw......deer, turkey and armadillos.
We also saw a turtle crossing the road (RAIN coming!?!) and some hawks.
We hoped to see javalinas and alligator...but missed them today!
We wished for a fishing pole....Mama and I love to fish....Rob could have watched!

Rob said "it was the best day EVER".....he was being totally sarcastic!!


flip flops and pearls said...

I am cracking up at that armadillo!!! OMGosh! haha

Happy Holidays:)

Kyra said...

I didn't know you had Three Rivers ties! Cool! We were down the road in Victoria! Gotta love South Texas! :)