Friday, February 25, 2011


Another week in kindergarten is under our belt!
Time flies when you are having FUN!
I LOVE being a kindergarten never know what is going to happen next!

I look forward to each day with my 20 students!
I get called "Mama" daily and sometimes "Grandma"....
but one of my students has come up with my new nickname "School Mama".
That about sums it up...I love them all!

I am counting the days until Spring Break....10 more days!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Coyote Smart

I just got through reading Coyote Smart by Dr. Cindy Bradford.
What a great book....this is her third book and each one gets BETTER!

Coyote Smart was my favorite of Cindy's books so far ---
very fast moving and hard to put down.  Cindy lives very close to the Texas/Mexico border.
 I learned so much about the human/drug smuggling crisis we have
between the borders while reading this book.
My cousin is a US Border Patrol Detective in El Paso, Texas,
 and deals with these issues on a daily basis.
He is now in an office position (thank GOODNESS).....
but served many years as an undercover detective....
and boy was he scary looking (but ALWAYS carried a gun...and know I now why!!)
I adore MOST of the characters in this book..and love the idea of "Faith" reappearing
in each book.  A wonderful story...with so much emotion and unexpected twists!! Loved it!!

Cindy Bradford's other two books....both FANTASTIC!!
I am so lucky to know Cindy personally...we both spend our free time in Ruidoso, New Mexico.
Auntie Linda, Cindy Bradford and me...visiting at Starbucks in Ruidoso.
Thanks, Cindy...hope to see you soon!
And...excited to see what is coming next.....keep writing great books!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pedicure, Please!!

My....Oh My!!
What color will I choose first? 
Don't you Think I'm Texy?  Austin-Tatious Turquoise?
Guy Meets Gal-vestion?
I can't wait  to get my first SPRING Pedicure....maybe this weekend!?!?!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pre-Valentine's Dinner with GREAT FRIENDS!

Supper Friends Dinner on Friday, February 11th, 2011!
The SWOOP House @ 3012 Gonzales St., Austin, TX 78702
This is one of the best kept secrets in Austin...and the best food in town!
The dinner bunch......David, Vicki, Rob, Me, Diana, and Matt
We had a blast again....everytime we go we make new friends
(or on some cases.....FOES!!)
There is never a dull moment at the Swoop House!

The menu tonight was selected by a future bride and her groom..
.they were trying out the food for their wedding...
we loved the menu with some all-time favorites!


Passed Hors D’Oeuvres
Aged Cheddar and Jalapeno-Red Onion Marmalade on Homemade Shortbread Crackers
Delicious and served warm
Deviled Eggs topped with Praline Bacon
The BEST! 
I bet I had four of these eggs ~ the praline bacon was to die for...
Rob asked if he could just have a plate of  it!!
During the social hour before dinner was served...we drank Hard Lemonade made
with grapefruit vodka. 
The first picture was taken by accident then we took a group one!

1st Course
Petit Meatloaf Sliders on Hawaiian Roll with Creole Onion Relish,
 Queso Oaxaca & Haystack Potatoes
AMAZING!!  I am a huge meatloaf fan anyway....
2nd Course
Lobster, Macaroni & Three Cheese Gratinée with Buttery Panko Crust and Snipped Chives
We all agree...this was the BEST.
The lobster was huge and there were many pieces in each of our dishes.
It came out piping hot..crunchy topping.....Rob is still talking about it!
3rd Course
Field Greens with Candied Pecans, Tomatoes, Sangria Onions, Carrots & Citrus-Sherry Vinaigrette

4th Course
Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Cream Gravy, "Tres Leches" Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans with Roasted Pearl Onions & Buttery Biscuits
GREAT..but by this point I couldn't eat another bite...this is now in my refrigerator
for a meal later on in the weekend.
The "Tres Leches" Mashed Potatoes ...mmmm!!
Made from Buttermilk, Cream, and Butter!
5th Course ~ Dessert
Polenta Pineapple Upside Down Cake with Strawberry Sauce & Pecan Praline Semifreddo
I did manage to eat this..and it was amazing!
I am a SWEET FREAK....and I loved it!
The pineapple upside down mini cake was crusted with pineapple.
Served with a cube of ice cream...laying on top of praline sauce and drizzled with berry syrup!
Loved it!
We had a fantastic night.....laughed until our tummies hurt and met 4 great new friends!
We hope to do a dinner with them again soon!
 Three wonderful ladies that have been friends for years....they were a joy to dine with!
 Matt and Diana.....check out the wine all over the table...BYOW and we brought plenty!
 Me and Rob!
 David and Vicki...wondering "what have they gotten us into??"
 It was their first trip to the Swoop House!
 Megan, Ellen and Me......what great stories we all told!
Ready to go home and SLEEP with a very full tummy!
A great picture of our group of friends ~ old and new!
We can't wait to do it again!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, was a pleasure to dine with you!!

More pictures from Megan...thanks!! :)

 The "girls" during the social hour before dinner!
 Matt entertaining....
 Love it...maybe we will see this on this years Christmas Card?!?!?
Let the win trick begin....more entertainment...thanks MATT!
I think I finally have the hang of it?  We will see if I remember how to do it at the next party!
Ta Da....SUCCESS!!! Great pictures...Thank you, Megan!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Super Bowl Party at the McNabb's!

We had a great time at the McNabb's Super Bowl Party!
They are our back door it was nice to be close to home, too!
 We took a bottle of wine, our famous M&M bean dip, and almond bars!
 There was so much food and such a variety...the chicken wings and homemade meatballs were my favorite!

 The first round at the wine bar.....I loved the Cupcake wine!
Naturally...I love anything with "cupcake" written on it!!
 Getting our Super Bowl Squares ready to go....
The BIG winners were Lisa, Tim and Griselda (the lucky couple), and Ken!!
 More beverages...
 Pregame talk...
 Sadie McNabb
 I tried to get a picture of the TV we had on the back porch.
 Diana and Rob picking the numbers for the teams!
Those numbers were lucky for some...and not so lucky for others!
 Nina...the McNabb's Grand-dog! Such a sweetie!
What a Cheerleader!
Diana is a faithful fan....if I had I team...I would be happy for her to cheer for me!
HER TEAM is the Dallas Cowboys....she and Matt get the royal treatment
when they visit Jerry Jones' Stadium! Next time I am going to sneak in with them!
Matt and John ~ our GREAT host! (and Nina, of course)
 We go to a party and look what I found "My PGA Man" doing...reading a golf book!
Oh brother....can't take him anywhere!
 The girls.....Diana, Griselda, Me, Celia, and Lisa!
A GREAT time had by all....Rob and I didn't have a favorite team..but since
Rob's nickname is "Cheese"/"Queso"....we thought we better
cheer for the Packers...and THEY WON!!
Go, CHEESE, Go!!
Thank you, John and Celia!!

Friday, February 04, 2011

ATX Snow ~ February 4, 2011

It has been a COLD week in Austin, Texas.
Below freezing temperatures for over 3 days...brrr..very unusual!
Teaching kindergarten and not having recess.....made it a long week!
We stayed awake until we saw the first snowflake last night....
Today we woke up to some great news....
A SNOW DAY ~ No School!
We haven't had this much snow since Feburary, 14, 2004.
I love snow days....we don't have them much in Austin...
but I will sure hate making it up on Good Friday!
Our house in the snow....we had 1 inch!
Our neighbor, Dennis, was the only one that left for work this morning.
 Lola loved the snow and choose to stay outside....
 On the other hand....Bogart wasn't too excited about this white stuff!
Me and the dachshunds (of course they both wouldn't look at the camera
at the same time)....we had to take a snow photo together.
Last Sunday...Rob and I played golf in 88 degree weather and this morning it was 20 degrees.
Speaking of ROB.....he is a New Yorker...
 And makes fun of Texas snow....he was in shorts today..
wishing the golf course was OPEN!
I keep telling him, "tomorrow"...
 Rob and I went for a short walk in the snow...can you guess which print is his?
Did I mention ... he is CRAZY!!
Mom is here visiting...she is our wood gal..the fireplace has been going since Tuesday!
Thanks, Mom!  Look who is loving the fire the most...
 Lola takes a break to come inside and dry off.
Bogart has been here almost all day......sweet boy dog!
Our poor, pitiful snowman....actually MINE...I am the artist!
Many of my kindergarten students have send me pictures of them to
post on my school blog...I will work on that later tonight.
They were so happy to have a snow day...and I was, too!

More photos from beautiful Austin sure looks great in white!
 Several views of the state capital...

Lady Bird Lake in the snow
My favorite picture...taken at UT...some college kids playing in the snow!
What FUN!!! And an amazing photo!!