Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Super Bowl Party at the McNabb's!

We had a great time at the McNabb's Super Bowl Party!
They are our back door neighbors...so it was nice to be close to home, too!
 We took a bottle of wine, our famous M&M bean dip, and almond bars!
 There was so much food and such a variety...the chicken wings and homemade meatballs were my favorite!

 The first round at the wine bar.....I loved the Cupcake wine!
Naturally...I love anything with "cupcake" written on it!!
 Getting our Super Bowl Squares ready to go....
The BIG winners were Lisa, Tim and Griselda (the lucky couple), and Ken!!
 More beverages...
 Pregame talk...
 Sadie McNabb
 I tried to get a picture of the TV we had on the back porch.
 Diana and Rob picking the numbers for the teams!
Those numbers were lucky for some...and not so lucky for others!
 Nina...the McNabb's Grand-dog! Such a sweetie!
What a Cheerleader!
Diana is a faithful fan....if I had I team...I would be happy for her to cheer for me!
HER TEAM is the Dallas Cowboys....she and Matt get the royal treatment
when they visit Jerry Jones' Stadium! Next time I am going to sneak in with them!
Matt and John ~ our GREAT host! (and Nina, of course)
 We go to a party and look what I found "My PGA Man" doing...reading a golf book!
Oh brother....can't take him anywhere!
 The girls.....Diana, Griselda, Me, Celia, and Lisa!
A GREAT time had by all....Rob and I didn't have a favorite team..but since
Rob's nickname is "Cheese"/"Queso"....we thought we better
cheer for the Packers...and THEY WON!!
Go, CHEESE, Go!!
Thank you, John and Celia!!


Lindsey & Daylan Childress said...

I MUST know about this famous bean dip- it looks yummy!!

mom/jiji said...

wowzer....what a yummy spread!

Melayne Marchese said...

Lindsey...I will email you the recipe...or blog about it soon!! :) It is delicious and has sweet jalapenos that make it even better!