Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pedicure, Please!!

My....Oh My!!
What color will I choose first? 
Don't you Think I'm Texy?  Austin-Tatious Turquoise?
Guy Meets Gal-vestion?
I can't wait  to get my first SPRING Pedicure....maybe this weekend!?!?!


daphne ⧼flip flops and pearls⧽ said...

OHHHH I would pick Y'all come, Ya Hear!! I love orange. I bought one yesterday that's new: Kick Me in the Leg-Warmer (i think thats what its called!) and it;s a cook matte gray. I need that orange NOW!

Hope your day is great,D

mom/jiji said...

Let's treat ourselves as soon as school is out for spring Break!!!!

Kim said...

Oh my goodness! I wonder where those are available to buy. I must get some! I love the names that OPI comes up with! And yes, you go get that pedicure! ;)

mbc said...

They had the display at HEB when I was there and the Austin-Tatious Turquoise was all gone. So sad.

Kyra said...

OMG! THE DON'T MESS WITH OPI and SUZI LOVES COWBOYS would work great together