Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Arrival Day in Riviera Maya

We flew on SWA....we had yo sit on the runway in Austin because winds so high between ATx and Cancun were so high we would arrive to Cancun before there was a gate for us. Texas State Lady Badketball team was on our flight.....the head coach sat next to me....she watched game films most of the flight but the last 15 minutes or so we had a great visit....she lives in Kyle and has twin first graders at Santa Cruz and a one year old at Rocking Horse. Her husband is a football coach at Fresno State. She has been at TSU five years and has really turned the team around...."Coach Z" said she would comp us tickets anytime.....just call her office...I think we will do that...a great lady!
Our shuttle to the resort was flawless thanks to Iberostar other stops and we were her in less than 30 minutes. Had a cucumber mojito before we were taken to our room.
Our view, Room #7155! Snapped a picture before the sun went down.
We had dinner reservations at Haiku (Japanese habachi) at 6:30.... Once in room threw on clothes and off to eat.  Yes, we tried the sushi....not a fan but...not terrible! This was our first of three appetizers!
We sat with a ninety year old couple from Tuscon, Arizona. Chatted the whole meal....
We look exhausted....but after this amazing meal we were happy and FULL!
Appetizers: Sushi, Tempura Imperial Rolls, Tempura Shrimp, Chicken/Lobster Kabobs
Meal: fried rice, chicken, shrimp, lobster, filet steak, grilled veggies
Dessert: Fried Bananas and Ice Cream topped with chocolate sauce and a cherry.

We will go to this resturaunt one more time before we leave...always our favorite!

Came back to fresh flowers and chocolate before bed...
We will see what our first full day brings...and hope to update my blog daily!