Sunday, August 29, 2010

Introducing Ramses...

My brother, Matt, and his family of 4
(two of those being girl greyhounds named Alika and Cleo)
went to a greyhound "Show n'Tails" at
Reno's Chop Shop in the Deep Elum area of Dallas.
The owner of the bar has a three-legged greyhound he adopted.
He hosts the meets and greets for free...
Matthew assures me....
The daytime crowd did not look like this "group" at all!
Although there were a few chopper patrons inside.....
the bikers were so very friendly to all...
the greyhounds and the "preppy polo wearing"
owners of the dogs!
There were about 20+ greyhounds...some owned...some in foster care.
They had every intention of finding another small greyhound girl to adopt.
Every time they would start talking to someone...this 'big red dog' would wander over and just stand and stare at them. Sometimes he would work his way between Alika and Cleo and just stand...not bothering "the girls"...just hanging out. They went outside on their deck..and he somehow managed to climb the metal stairs and just come out and stare. While they were playing with and petting other dogs...there he was again.. a 'big red dog'...just staring. Once while they were talking to another couple, he came up and rested his head on my Matt's thigh and then put his full weight against his leg.

Well...that's all it took! As they drove off, they both said "Wesley!"
(His track name was Wesley..but he's really fallen in love with his new Egyptian name “Ramses”, matching Alika’s and Cleopatra’s Egyptian names)
Hanging out on the couch...
Lounging by the pool...maybe he is getting a tan?
Ready, Set, Go!
Ramses has found his "forever home"...he is loving his new family and the pool!
He relaxes on the top step of the pool to stay cool when he is outside -- I think he learned this from Cleo--she loves to lounge in the water, too!
We haven't met Ramses yet...but hope to make a trip to San Antonio
soon. I can' t wait for him to meet his cousins (my dachshunds ~Lola and Bogart)
Ramses was adopted from The Greyhound Adoption League of Texas
His two sisters' ~ Cleo and Alika ~ were adopted from
The Heart of Texas Greyhound Adoption, Inc.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

My NEW garden is growing....with pink and green!

I am a kindergarten teacher, and I have just completed YET another
"first week of kindergarten"! Mighty exhausting....but TONS of FUN!
I am ready to watch another garden of eager children blossom throughout the school year.

The definition of KINDERGARTEN ~

A school for young children, conducted on the theory that education should be begun by
gratifying and cultivating the normal aptitude for
exercise, play, observation, imitation, and construction; 
a name given by Friedrich Froebel, a German educator,
who introduced this method of training, in rooms opening on a garden.


Each of us is a flower....growing in life's garden!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Birthday Week in a Glance...

~ My Happy Birthday Week ~

It was a busy week of eating out, getting ready for a new school year, and
outings with friends.
I always know what happens after my birthday starts!
So...this weekend we have had a few margaritas, went to the
TXRD Lonestar Rollergirls ~playoff bout,
and grocery shopped for my first week of teaching! also means football season is right around the corner!
Go, Texas Longhorns, Go!!
Thanks, Fred for this great photo!!
My Red Velvet cake....that I just ate the icing off of..
One of my "NOT SO GOOD" habits!!
Beautiful Lillies...from Matt and Diana!
Love that vase.....
An evening with the Hellcats ~ Go PINK!!
My first Roller Derby much FUN!

The Hellcats won their bout 70-53.
Now off to the Championship game agains the Cherry Bombs on September 18!
I am hoping our UT football schedule does not interfere with this bout...
would be so much fun to watch at the Austin Convention Center!
A trip to Central Market..and look what I found!!
Pink Pearl Apples...who would have thought??
What a the name!
My Mom's birthday is today...
Happy Birthday, Mama!!
I wish I was in the cool mountains of Ruidoso to celebrate with you today!
That is my brother, Matt...what a handsome guy!!

I had a great week...thanks for all the goodies and birthday wishes!!
Now....two things begin....a new school year and A DIET!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Fun Start to a New School Year...

Today was my first day of work...a productive day of staff development at Buda Elementary School.
Our new principal is Pat Tyler -- she is very motivating and has tons of energy.
The theme of our 2 1/2 days of staff development  is SURVIVOR.
Each grade level was to dress the part and the best dressed would win a prize....
Me, Jill, Jacy, and Monica
Jacy made these animal print "KINDER" shirts for us!
Thanks, Jacy!
The WINNING table's decoration.....
"Kindergarten ~ Where The Wild KIDS Are"
Kindergarten won the BEST DRESSED Survivor Award.
40$ Gift Card to Chilis ~ Yum!

A great start to the 2010-2011 BES YEAR!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hi! Ho! Hi! Ho!    In Less than a Week ~ I go....

I will be back at work -- making a "little spending money".
I love my job! Teaching is so rewarding and so much fun!
I must admit...I will miss SUMMER of 2010 though...
These are a few things I will miss the MOST!!

1.  Drinking Coffee on the back porch as I hear the cicadas sing! I love my coffee!!!

2. Going the grocery store while everyone else is working.
What a treat to be the only one in the store on a weekday morning!
Whole Foods, Central Market and HEB are my usual grocery store hang outs....

3. Early morning walks in the neighborhood with neighbors.
We have so many is fun to greet the same people and pets each morning!
I am a EARLY walker..but many of the "usuals" walk in the heat of the day..I have no idea how they do it?

4.  Shopping and lunch dates with my BFFs (and my MOM!).
So many of my friends stay at home during the day...
so it is such a treat to join them for some fun in the summer!
This last week some friends and I went to an
Austin Bead Society bead show...
I have a couple new necklaces all laid out and ready to string...
(Pearls? You betcha!)

5. My brothers "resort style" swimming pool.
He lives in San Antonio and lives in an amazing house...
when visiting you feel like you are at a Carribean Resort...
complete with frozen drink machine and greyhounds!

"Alika" and "Cleopatra"
 The Pool at is just BEAUTIFUL!

6. Staying in my PINK jammies all day many days I got dressed when Rob texted me and told me he was on his way home from work...but some days I didn't bother and just kept them on!
I love comfy PJ days!

How about those croc houseshoes?? I am more of a barefoot kind of girl..
but had to put them on for the picture!

7.  A last minute..."spur of the moment" round of golf.
We played in several tournaments...and came out on TOP!
A big THANKS to "My PGA Man"...he is at the top of the list for the
MGA golfer of the year at Onion Creek this year...hope his luck continues!

The "Beasley~Marchese" Foursome....hard to beat!

8. Our vacation home in Ruidoso, New Mexico...I will miss so much there...
the cool mountain weather, daily rains,spending time with family, and BEARS!
We had the most bear visitors in Ruidoso that we have ever had...and Rob, Mom, and I enjoyed photographing them. I think Rob go the closest -- he got 20 feet from a bear that weighed over 200 lbs.

He was eating apricots off one of our trees in this picture!

9.  What would summer be...without hours and hours of fetching
tennis balls with my two dachshunds?
I think we both got a little extra excercise chasing balls in the Texas heat!

Hunphrey "Bogart"

10. Take-offs and Landings
Do I need to say more?  I love to travel!
New York, New Mexico, Maryland, and other far away places....
Last summer I had 16 take-offs and 16 landings...this year I didn't have that many!

Two summer things I will keep loving throughout the flip flops and the air conditioner!
(Gotta love those TEXAS SUMMERS!!)

Summer of 2010 has been one of the BEST yet!
Gosh! How I will miss you....but I am ready to meet my new kindergartners and start a new school year!
How many more days until the SUMMER of 2011??

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Pink and PEARLS...Oh MY!

I am loving my new pink necklace...I bought from etsy last night!
I can't wait for it to arrive!


Friday, August 06, 2010

Oh, the pressure of the first post...

A new school year is getting ready to begin and time for new beginnings. After reading some really great preppy/pearly blogs, I've finally decided to start my own and share in the fun, too!

I am in the process of having my blog designed and getting everything set up, so it's a little bare right now, but that will all change soon!