Sunday, August 29, 2010

Introducing Ramses...

My brother, Matt, and his family of 4
(two of those being girl greyhounds named Alika and Cleo)
went to a greyhound "Show n'Tails" at
Reno's Chop Shop in the Deep Elum area of Dallas.
The owner of the bar has a three-legged greyhound he adopted.
He hosts the meets and greets for free...
Matthew assures me....
The daytime crowd did not look like this "group" at all!
Although there were a few chopper patrons inside.....
the bikers were so very friendly to all...
the greyhounds and the "preppy polo wearing"
owners of the dogs!
There were about 20+ greyhounds...some owned...some in foster care.
They had every intention of finding another small greyhound girl to adopt.
Every time they would start talking to someone...this 'big red dog' would wander over and just stand and stare at them. Sometimes he would work his way between Alika and Cleo and just stand...not bothering "the girls"...just hanging out. They went outside on their deck..and he somehow managed to climb the metal stairs and just come out and stare. While they were playing with and petting other dogs...there he was again.. a 'big red dog'...just staring. Once while they were talking to another couple, he came up and rested his head on my Matt's thigh and then put his full weight against his leg.

Well...that's all it took! As they drove off, they both said "Wesley!"
(His track name was Wesley..but he's really fallen in love with his new Egyptian name “Ramses”, matching Alika’s and Cleopatra’s Egyptian names)
Hanging out on the couch...
Lounging by the pool...maybe he is getting a tan?
Ready, Set, Go!
Ramses has found his "forever home"...he is loving his new family and the pool!
He relaxes on the top step of the pool to stay cool when he is outside -- I think he learned this from Cleo--she loves to lounge in the water, too!
We haven't met Ramses yet...but hope to make a trip to San Antonio
soon. I can' t wait for him to meet his cousins (my dachshunds ~Lola and Bogart)
Ramses was adopted from The Greyhound Adoption League of Texas
His two sisters' ~ Cleo and Alika ~ were adopted from
The Heart of Texas Greyhound Adoption, Inc.


Matthew said...

Sweet! Ramses can't wait to meet you, too... He's a real LUG! Sleeps all day and night...just waiting for next meal! Occasionally, he gets a real burst of energy -- he's FAST! But, mostly, he just likes being near me (he's my shadow that follows me everywhere!) Ramses is the BEST snooze alarm...once he sees somebody move in the bed, he "chirps" like saying "hey", "hey", "hey"...until someone gets up to feed his belly! You will LOVE him...and those two adoption agencies are GREAT! GALT has been responsible for rehabilitating many mistreated greyhounds...they are such sweet animals and some breeders treat them so poorly, I just don't get it. But, if any of your friends want a 40MPH couch-potato...consider Greyhound Adoption!!

Matthew said...

...oh, and "the girlz" love him, too!

Lindsay G said...

SUCH a CUTE story!!! Love it!! :) Glad he has a happy home and family to love on him now!

Kyra said...

Very cool! I love stories with happy endings! :)