Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Army Wives is AWESOME!!

I just got through watching the Season Finale of Army Wives...I adore this show!! 
It is guaranteed a good cry everytime....tonight I watched the last 1 1/2 espisodes
and am so looking forward to Season 5!
Major General Holden came home from war
(days after being taken hostage by the enemy troops) 
just in time to see his daughter, Emmalin, 
walk across the stage as she was getting her High School diploma.
Denise had baby Molly as her Daddy "Colonel Sherwood" (and brother-Jeremy) 
watched via Skype. 
Needless tos say.....I used many, many tissues tonight! 
Now to find out...if Jeremy will really marry Tonya?? 
He will be so happy to get home to see his new baby sister, Molly! 
Will Joan stay home or be deployed again and leave her
one year old and husband at home again?
Selfishly...I want her to stay home with her family!
She has the BEST husband!
Will Pamela leave her ex husband, Chase, and move to Alanta to join the APD?
Chase wants her back...she wants to move...what will happen?
Hurry home Trevor....Roxy is ready to be a Mommy again!!
I know the boys and Lucky will be happy to have him back, too! 
So much to look forward to...if you don't watch this great gotta check it out!
I am hooked and ready for what comes next!
Lastly, I know Rob is thrilled I finally got all of these espisodes
off the DVR!  Now to watch the full season of Friday Night Lights!!
Another one of my favorites..."Texas High School Football at it's best"....
spoken like a true West Texas gal!!

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Kim said...

What? You haven't watched FNL yet? I already have season 4 on DVD!!! Big surprise, huh?

On a very, very sad note, TK cut his hair. He looks very different. I feel like Tim Riggins died. I know it's for his new movie, but still. I'm sad. :(