Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fun Times in ATX!

A fun PLAY DATE with Emily on Friday....
She adores Lola and Bogart!
Emily and Bogart
Emily and Lola
Lots of PUPPY time was followed by dinner at Chili's!
Followed by another ATX tradition Amy's Ice Cream!
I had my favorite Amy's flavor -- "Cop Stop".
Coffee Ice Cream with powdered is to die for!

Saturday, September 11th, 2010
Longhorn football and a 9/11 tribute....
The football crowd observed a moment of silence and then the
Longhorn Band played God Bless America.
Not a dry eye in the stadium ... everyone sang their heart out!
The jumbo-tron had a slideshow from 9/11..featuring
"Horns up" during the moment of silence...
Following the 9/11 tribute...
we had a moment of silence for a Wyoming football player that was
killed in a car wreck this week.
The longhorn band played
the Wyoming School Song.
Everyone had their "horns-up" and again...there was not a dry eye in the house.
My prayers are with Ruben's sweet family ~ and with the three players that were
in the car with him. I personally know...what a hard time a team has
when they lose a dear friend and player.
The Horns take the field....Go, Horns, Go!!
The first quarter was long and dull...but the game perked up after that!
The victory line after half time was made by FIRST RESPONDERS.
Another tribute to the first responders of 9/11!

Another TEXAS LONGHORN win 34-7 over the WYOMING COWBOYS!
Next week....Texas Tech in Lubbock!


Amy said...

Great pictures. She adores your puppies. She keeps telling me that when you and Rob go out of town we are going to watch them for you. Oh, and Lola is her "dream" dog. She had such a great time. Thanks again!

Angela said...

We watched the game at BJ's brewery w/ some freinds and that was fun, weve never went to a sports bar to watch a game. SWEET LOLA! and Bogart too. Are yall going to Lubbock for the game?

Angela said...

eta: oops, I meant friends, :) Im a terrible typist.

Kim said...

I love your journaling/blogging about the games. And the Longhorn band played the Wyoming song? What a CLASS ACT!!!

Kim said...

Kyra and Maeve would love to come and play with Bogart and Lola one day! They love doggies! You need to come and see our two. They are just furry children. ;)