Sunday, November 21, 2010

Empty Bowl Project 2010

Today was the14th Annual  Empty Bowl Project in Austin.
It was held at the Mexican American Cultural Center.
That was a new experience for us...we never knew that building was
tucked in there behind Lady Bird Lake (near IH 35).
The Empty Bowl Project is an international effort to raise
money and awareness in the fight against hunger.
This event is held each year on the Sunday before Thanksgiving.
Soup for the Soul, and You Get to Keep the Bowl. 
We each purchased a bowl for $15.
Each $15 donation to the Capital Area Food Bank's Kids Cafe
provides 45 meals for hungry Central Texans.
When you walk in the room are thousands of locally handcrafted bowls.
They are crafted by local potters and students.
 So many to choose was a hard decision!
These are the four we ended up with...
Matt, Diana, and I all choose bowls made by a local Girl Scout Troop.
Rob selected a bowl made by a student at Westwood High School. 
After we bought our bowls...we took them to be washed.
Then we grabbed some bread and some soup.
My choice was Tortilla Soup from The Iron Cactus.
Local chefs and restaurants cooked up some of the most delicious soups and breads.
We listened to local musicians as we ate...we also tried
Cream of Pumpkin and Spicy Tomato from The Eastside Cafe.
 Me and Diana showing off our polka dots and heart!
Matt and Rob with their dirty stop is the cleaning and wrapping station.
Rob is all packed up and ready to go!
Our bowls made it home safely...and are in the dishwasher tonight for a deep cleaning!
We had a fun day in ATX -- we can't wait to go again next year!
What a wonderful event!

What a ROMANTIC Uncle we have...

Rob's Uncle Vic sent this to his wonderful girlfriend
for her birthday...the bike and FLOWERS!
What a romantic!!  ~ What a GUY!!
Victor owns a pizzeria in Batavia, New York ~ Main Street Pizza.
His pizza sauce is awesome and the raspberry wings are mighty tasty, too!
I just wish we could get him and Brenda to Texas for a visit.....maybe soon!?!?!
We love you, Uncle Vic! XOXOX

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thank You....Christmas Swap Partner!

I was so excited to be able to participate in the Christmas Swap that Daphne at
Flip Flops & Pearls put together.
She is such a fun wife and wonderful  mom to two children!
She coordinated a gift exchange among bloggers...She matched me up with a fantastic
Christmas Swap Partner! We had budget of at least 25$ (not including postage).
I had fun shopping for my Swap Partner and it looks like she has fun shopping for me....

Thanks you so much,
I adore my CHRISTMAS HAPPY are a fabulous friend!
Thanks a million!
Now to start decorating for Christmas.....XOXOX Love ya!

Texas / OSU Football 2010

Annual Cousin Tradition
~ UT / OSU Weekend ~
The Longhorn Team won golf at home...but the Cowboys came out
on top at the football game. This is not a good season for Texas Longhorn Football.
It is a rebuilding season? It is a very young team? That is what they say...
Do we NOT have another quarterback to try?
Wanting next season to get here see how it improves!

We began the day...with the "FIRST ANNUAL" UT/OSU FAMILY golf tourney...
 Rob, Me, my cousin, Steve, and his wife Kim
Ready to hit the course.....on a windy, chilly ATX kind of day!

 Another family photo...the cart girl was convinced we needed to
take a silly picture, too! This is as creative as we got...

 Steve's OSU golf bag.....
 Our main players for each girls just played off and on...
It is amazing how much Rob and Steve are alike...they are both amazing golfers.
Senior they come!
And the winner is....... ROB!

After a nap we headed to the UT/OSU Football Game...
The final score was 33-16 ~ Cowboys win at UT Stadium first time since 1944.
 A trip to Scholz Beer Garten...
 The UT Tower at the perfect time of day......
 Me and Rob.....Hook'em Horns!
Another picture with the cousin.....
 Hey glad you came to ATX for your VICTORY GAME.
We will see you again here ... next year!
We will be practicing for that game.......I guess we better start NOW!
 Me and Kim at Starbucks before the game.....warming up!
 We had a great walk through the campus.
A great ending to a wonderful my COUSINS!!

October is over....

October 2010 is over and I am just posting about our month.
We visited with a dear friend from New York, hosted a fabulous baby shower,
went to UT football games (those were NOT successful),
and we enjoyed Halloween FUN! glad to see you in Texas again...we will see you in NYC soon!
Wasn't Gruene, Texas beautiful...perfect for lunch on the patio.
Lindsey's Austin Baby Shower
We can hardly wait to meet Finley Grayce!
Ho! Ho! Ho!
The baby will arrive after Christmas....

Baking in October....
A delicious Halloween snack for candy corn lovers ~  like me!
Candy Corn Bark
Oreos - broken in to pieces
3/4 cup  pretzel sticks
white almond bark
candy corn
festive sprinkles
1. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and lightly coat with non-stick cooking spray.
2. Spread the broken oreo pieces, some candy corn, & pretzels on the bottom of the pan.
3. Melt the white almond bark in the microwave.
4. Drizzle chocolate with a spoon over the goodies in the pan - lacey pattern.

Top with candy corn and sprinkles.
Let cool in refrigerator until firm.
Break into pieces and store in an airtight container.

 Emily as a UT cheerleader...Go, Horns!
 Taylor is BEVO! 
 Another neighborhood trick or treater ~ Lucky Walls! BOO!
Thanks to Eliza for bringing her over for a visit in her costume!
 A couple of M&Ms ~ one with nuts / one without!
(Bogart and Lola were not excited about getting their picture taken)
These were our costumes for night golf at the club.
It was a chilly night...our shirts were they helped keep us WARM!
I came home and slept with a heating pad because my skin would not warm up.
The only picture I was PITCH no luck with photos.
 We had a blast with our partners~ Perry and Barb ~ and came in 5th place.
Everyone agreed ~ I play golf better in the dark!!
(Guess I better practice for daylight golf!!)