Sunday, November 14, 2010

Texas / OSU Football 2010

Annual Cousin Tradition
~ UT / OSU Weekend ~
The Longhorn Team won golf at home...but the Cowboys came out
on top at the football game. This is not a good season for Texas Longhorn Football.
It is a rebuilding season? It is a very young team? That is what they say...
Do we NOT have another quarterback to try?
Wanting next season to get here see how it improves!

We began the day...with the "FIRST ANNUAL" UT/OSU FAMILY golf tourney...
 Rob, Me, my cousin, Steve, and his wife Kim
Ready to hit the course.....on a windy, chilly ATX kind of day!

 Another family photo...the cart girl was convinced we needed to
take a silly picture, too! This is as creative as we got...

 Steve's OSU golf bag.....
 Our main players for each girls just played off and on...
It is amazing how much Rob and Steve are alike...they are both amazing golfers.
Senior they come!
And the winner is....... ROB!

After a nap we headed to the UT/OSU Football Game...
The final score was 33-16 ~ Cowboys win at UT Stadium first time since 1944.
 A trip to Scholz Beer Garten...
 The UT Tower at the perfect time of day......
 Me and Rob.....Hook'em Horns!
Another picture with the cousin.....
 Hey glad you came to ATX for your VICTORY GAME.
We will see you again here ... next year!
We will be practicing for that game.......I guess we better start NOW!
 Me and Kim at Starbucks before the game.....warming up!
 We had a great walk through the campus.
A great ending to a wonderful my COUSINS!!

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