Sunday, October 24, 2010

Our Trip to the Manchaca Pumpkin Patch

Amy, Emily, Taylor and I visited the Manchaca Methodist Pumpkin Patch.
Taylor's first experience with a bow..she did GREAT!
Emily is such a smiler....and so proud of her baby sister.
 Amy and the those girls AND love those smiles, too!
 Sweet Taylor.....look at those never-ending eyelashes!
My favorite picture of Taylor...she is so curious!
The cutest little pumpkin EVER...
A "Ta~Da" pose by Emily...she has that pose down pat!
We had a great time at the pumpkin patch...our next adventure is
"Boo-da Halloween" Thursday night.
Emily is going to be a Longhorn Cheerleader and
Taylor will be BEVO!

Glowballs and Goblins Coming Soon....

"My PGA Man" and I are in a golf tourney this coming Friday at the club.
I have never played golf in the dark...I may do better than in the daylight.
Glowballs and Goblins
Now to work on our to come soon...
If anybody has a quick and "sure-fire" costume contest winner..let me know!

Saturday, October 09, 2010

A Great Weekend Start...

My Friday afternoon started with golf...."My PGA Man" was thrilled
I joined him for a round of golf. The ATX weather was beautiful!
Then, we hit the Club for Happy Hour and on to Chili's to meet some
Hays HS friends before the Homecoming Game.
We didn't make the game....but enjoyed the pre-game festivities!
The mighty Rebels WON!!
Back to GOLF....
Each time I get better...but I am far from good!
I enjoy it more and more....and know I need a couple more lessons.
Lord is hard for Rob to coach me!!
I just "growl" at him....GRRRR!!!
We are all signed up and ready to play in a "Night-time" Halloween tournament
on the Eve of the 29th. Perry and Barb Woolley will be our partners.
What fun....we will play with golf balls that glow in the dark!
That may make some of my shots easier to find.
I better hit the driving range a few times before then....have a GREAT WEEKEND, Yall!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Another Elaborate Pumpkin...

Angela's Cinderella fancy!!
"Us girls" are really decked out for FALL....I can't wait to see what we do in December!

Love this bicycle helmet cover...

A RUIDOSO, New Mexico find...
I bought this bicycle helmet cover for a friend's daughter....LOVE IT!
I hope Finley loves wearing it as much as I loved giving it to her!!
TOO CUTE...she has such an athletic family....
she had to be "SASSY" while working out (riding bikes) with her Mom, Dad, and brother!
Now I am they make those in my size??
Thanks LB for sharing this photo with ME!!

Sunday, October 03, 2010

The OC Bunko Babes strike again...

Halloween Decor ~ Festive and Sparkly...what more can a girl ask for??
 Angela's three new pumpkins....handmade by Laurie.
Love the group of three....I have made one...but have to wait for Hobby Lobby
to open on Monday to start on my other two.  These are displayed so CUTE!!
Or...I may dig in my craft drawer at school...who knows what I may find?
 Laurie's centerpiece....I know I would be eating those candy corns all day long!
Glass Vase $3.00
Candle $2.88
Candy  99 cents!
My first attempt at sparkles on pumpkins -- I made one of me and one for my Mom.
She will be home from New Mexico today...she lives in Ruidoso in the spring and summer
and moves back to Wimberley for the fall and winter.
So this pumpkin and a HUGE Mum is her Fall Welcome Home treat!
More pictures after I get my grouping of three made and arranged...
Laurie and Angela...keep those pictures coming!
Someday we may have our own magazine!!

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Wild Game in Elroy, Texas!

What is in Elroy, Texas?
Wild Bubba’s ~ Wild Game Grill serves up burgers that are a little on the “Wild Side”.
Wild Bubba makes burgers using wild game such as buffalo, antelope, elk, alligator, cabrito, axis venison, black bear, ostrich, and yak to name a few.
The community of Elroy is located on FM 812, east of Hwy 183,
about 12 miles south of Austin.
What FUN!!  If you have not gotta go!
We were the only 8 people in the place....and we shut it down at 8:30 pm!
BYOB....and hot sauce...and Splenda!!
We had to go to the convience store next door for the Pace!
Notice we sat at the table reserved for Red McCombs and Tavo Hellmund
(the money men behind the new Formula One track in Elroy)!
I had a buffalo burger...Rob had an antelope burger...
and the onion rings were pretty tastey, too!
Then for dessert we had to visit the convience store AGAIN....look what we found!
Next time "Bubba" assured us if we called ahead he would make us some
"special appitizers" and his sister would make us a pan of brownies! time the ONION CREEK TENNIS crew will make reservations!!
Wyman "Wild Bubba" Gilliam, owner of the restaurant
Rob standing by the Grand Prix Formula One wall.....
the new track will be built just yards from "Bubba's" grill.
Formula One hasn't raced in the U.S. since 2007 after an eight-year run at
Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Former San Antonio Spurs and Minnesota Vikings
owner Red McCombs is a key investor backing the new
U.S. Grand Prix Formula One Track in Elroy - along with Tavo Hellmund.
(More information that you wanted to know...I KNOW!!)

Anyway...who knows if "Wild Bubba's" will still be at this location,
if he will build a 5 story hotel onthis property,
or if he will sell his land for millions? He tells many tales/jokes about it....
We will know the REAL truth in 2012!
He is even thinking of builing a new location in cool!
We will be back soon......for buffalo chili (and brownies, of course!!)

Friday, October 01, 2010

"My PGA Man" is in the NEWS.....

~ "My PGA Man" with his Trangressional Golf Tourney Trophy ~
I thought this article needed a I added one!!

MGA News
This article was published in the Oct/Nov Onion Creek Club Newsletter

Golfer of The Year TOTALS...
The top 6
Robert Marchese      45
Jackie Mills               38
Paul Romero             35
Dr. Steve Thompson 33
Davis Heath              31
Pete Viliesis               31

With just 3 events remaining in the 2010 season Rob Marchese
has things under control! His play has been stellar including a
recent victory in the Legends tournament held in August; and he
placed 3rd in the WGA/MGA combination event. If Rob had
participated in the club championship there is a good chance the
engraver would already be commissioned to inscribe his name on
the trophy!

As for the chances of those chasing Rob…there is always the
possibility of Rob not playing in the last 3 events or only scoring
a total of 4 points if he finishes out of the money in all 3? A
more plausible scenario is Viliesis and Howard take him out to
the wood shed prior to sign ups for the next event (LOL)

The upcoming Founder’s Cup is an MGA major and it will entail
2 days of medal play; so those chasing, like Mills and Romero,
will need to stay focused and try to earn a 14 point victory by
winning their respective flight. Perhaps the darkest of horses in
the race would be Brice Custer. Mr. Custer has played steady golf
this year in MGA events and it would not surprise this writer if
he found his game for the 16th and 17th of October and landed
a 14 point victory. He just needs the leader to go on vacation for
a while!

Another event coming in November is the MGA Cup Matches.
This event includes the top 48 point getters in 2010 play.
Participants are selected by respective team captains, and play is
in foursomes over 2 days with match play scoring determining
the outcome of each days match. A pairings party is also slated
for the Friday prior to the event.

In December, the final MGA match of the season is contested.
11 December is the President’s choice format. Lots of good golf
in the 4th quarter for MGA members! If you have not joined the
MGA yet, it is not too late to get in on the fun. The MGA
encourages all members to play in at least one event per year so if
you have been on the sidelines we would love to see you come
out for one of the final events of this 2010 season.

Will keep you posted of the OUTCOME...only time will tell....

This weekend is THE CHICKEN weekend is the final point
Tourney of the year. Go, "Mr. PGA", Go!