Sunday, October 03, 2010

The OC Bunko Babes strike again...

Halloween Decor ~ Festive and Sparkly...what more can a girl ask for??
 Angela's three new pumpkins....handmade by Laurie.
Love the group of three....I have made one...but have to wait for Hobby Lobby
to open on Monday to start on my other two.  These are displayed so CUTE!!
Or...I may dig in my craft drawer at school...who knows what I may find?
 Laurie's centerpiece....I know I would be eating those candy corns all day long!
Glass Vase $3.00
Candle $2.88
Candy  99 cents!
My first attempt at sparkles on pumpkins -- I made one of me and one for my Mom.
She will be home from New Mexico today...she lives in Ruidoso in the spring and summer
and moves back to Wimberley for the fall and winter.
So this pumpkin and a HUGE Mum is her Fall Welcome Home treat!
More pictures after I get my grouping of three made and arranged...
Laurie and Angela...keep those pictures coming!
Someday we may have our own magazine!!


Kim said...

You are so thrifty and creative! We need to shop together. Now my brain is working. Wonder what I can come up with?! ;)

Lindsay G said...

Cute! I love the candle and candy corn idea!! Might steal it!