Saturday, October 09, 2010

A Great Weekend Start...

My Friday afternoon started with golf...."My PGA Man" was thrilled
I joined him for a round of golf. The ATX weather was beautiful!
Then, we hit the Club for Happy Hour and on to Chili's to meet some
Hays HS friends before the Homecoming Game.
We didn't make the game....but enjoyed the pre-game festivities!
The mighty Rebels WON!!
Back to GOLF....
Each time I get better...but I am far from good!
I enjoy it more and more....and know I need a couple more lessons.
Lord is hard for Rob to coach me!!
I just "growl" at him....GRRRR!!!
We are all signed up and ready to play in a "Night-time" Halloween tournament
on the Eve of the 29th. Perry and Barb Woolley will be our partners.
What fun....we will play with golf balls that glow in the dark!
That may make some of my shots easier to find.
I better hit the driving range a few times before then....have a GREAT WEEKEND, Yall!


Kim said...

"Nighttime" Halloween golf sounds like fun! I would be horrible. Putt-putt golf is more my style! Richard LOVES to play golf with our brother-in-law, but I think the seriousness of it isn't what they have in mind when they golf. ;) Have a great weekend!!! :)

Little Miss Can't Be Wrong said...

i am definitely not a golfer... no patience!! the glow in the dark balls sound fun, though! i'm sure you will have a blast!