Wednesday, May 25, 2011

House Rules

Two more days until my SUMMER STARTS....Two more days of kindergartners!
I am anxious to start my summer and to start reading some new books!
House Rules
by Jodi Picoult

I am a huge fan of Jodi Picoult!  I have read most of her previous took me awhile to get this one started...I have postponed and postponed.  I loved this book an avid reader and as a teacher of autistic kindergartners in the regular classroom. many of Jacob's issues really hit home to me!

I really enjoyed this book and adored Jacob...and his family!
Now off to explore (or better yet - DOWNLOAD!!) Jodi Picoult's most recent book Sing You Home.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

We celebrated in style....Margarita Popcycles!

Thanks to Fabulous K for the recipe ---> Strawberry Margarita Popcycles

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Happy 95th Birthday, Grandma Rose!

Rob and I flew to Batavia (via Buffalo), New York for
Grandma Rose's 95th Birthday!
Grandma Rose and Rob's AWESOME "Uncle Vic" walked into the
 Bohn's Restaurant  full of people.
Almost 100 people...what a crowd!
Grandma is dressed in style....she even has on her high heels (she wears them everyday!)
Grandma visiting with our nieces.
Rob's Grandma Brown (93), Aunt Pat, and a dear friend, Barb
Aunt Elenor ~ The most beautiful, classy women you will ever meet!
Rob and I are chatting it up with Aunt Annette...
My sister-in-law Sandra and nephew Joseph are in the background.
The "cookie cake" ...and Italian Tradition!
Grandma Rose and our nephew, Joseph
Rob's Brother Paul and his wife Sandra
Me and "My PGA Man"...I love him!!
 Rob's Dad "Fran"  with Barb, Rose, Cary, and Brian
 We enjoyed posing with the BIRTHDAY GIRL!!
(That is the cookie cake in the background...NOT Rob's hat!!)
Our other nephew "Michael"
Helping Grandma Rose fill her plate at her Prime Rib Birthday Buffet!
 What a wonderful night for Grandma....she kept saying "there are a lot of people here"
AND we kept telling her "at least 95!"
 Joesph posing for the camera
 Rob and his TWO GRANDMAS
Grandma Brown (93) and Grandma Rose (95)
Isn't he a lucky guy??
 The cookie cake unwrapped....delicious!
Didn't I tell you Rob's Uncle Vic was AWESOME
(AND FAMOUS in Batavia!!)
He owns the best Pizzaria in town...wish I had a piece of pie NOW!
This is Vic's girlfriend ~ Brenda!
She helped organize this BIRTHDAY BASH for Grandma!
What a great night for all....Thank You, Brenda!!
So glad we made the trip to New York for Grandma's SURPISE...
she was ESPECIALLY SURPRISED to have her favorite Grandson in
town from TEXAS!!
We wish we could say we made it back to ATX in record time...
but we DIDN'T!
We were delayed in Buffalo because of fog...barely made the last plane out
or Orlando by minutes (literally 5 minutes from seat to seat)...then we got home
we had NO LUGGAGE. Traveling sometimes is just NO FUN!!