Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Birthday Week in a Glance...

~ My Happy Birthday Week ~

It was a busy week of eating out, getting ready for a new school year, and
outings with friends.
I always know what happens after my birthday starts!
So...this weekend we have had a few margaritas, went to the
TXRD Lonestar Rollergirls ~playoff bout,
and grocery shopped for my first week of teaching! also means football season is right around the corner!
Go, Texas Longhorns, Go!!
Thanks, Fred for this great photo!!
My Red Velvet cake....that I just ate the icing off of..
One of my "NOT SO GOOD" habits!!
Beautiful Lillies...from Matt and Diana!
Love that vase.....
An evening with the Hellcats ~ Go PINK!!
My first Roller Derby much FUN!

The Hellcats won their bout 70-53.
Now off to the Championship game agains the Cherry Bombs on September 18!
I am hoping our UT football schedule does not interfere with this bout...
would be so much fun to watch at the Austin Convention Center!
A trip to Central Market..and look what I found!!
Pink Pearl Apples...who would have thought??
What a the name!
My Mom's birthday is today...
Happy Birthday, Mama!!
I wish I was in the cool mountains of Ruidoso to celebrate with you today!
That is my brother, Matt...what a handsome guy!!

I had a great week...thanks for all the goodies and birthday wishes!!
Now....two things begin....a new school year and A DIET!!


Lindsey & Daylan Childress said...

HAHAHAHA!!! Out of the 854 followers on the MODG blog I just saw your picture!!! I read it EVERY DAY!!

BipolarBear said...

Hell Yeah, Hellcats!