Thursday, February 17, 2011

Coyote Smart

I just got through reading Coyote Smart by Dr. Cindy Bradford.
What a great book....this is her third book and each one gets BETTER!

Coyote Smart was my favorite of Cindy's books so far ---
very fast moving and hard to put down.  Cindy lives very close to the Texas/Mexico border.
 I learned so much about the human/drug smuggling crisis we have
between the borders while reading this book.
My cousin is a US Border Patrol Detective in El Paso, Texas,
 and deals with these issues on a daily basis.
He is now in an office position (thank GOODNESS).....
but served many years as an undercover detective....
and boy was he scary looking (but ALWAYS carried a gun...and know I now why!!)
I adore MOST of the characters in this book..and love the idea of "Faith" reappearing
in each book.  A wonderful story...with so much emotion and unexpected twists!! Loved it!!

Cindy Bradford's other two books....both FANTASTIC!!
I am so lucky to know Cindy personally...we both spend our free time in Ruidoso, New Mexico.
Auntie Linda, Cindy Bradford and me...visiting at Starbucks in Ruidoso.
Thanks, Cindy...hope to see you soon!
And...excited to see what is coming next.....keep writing great books!

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cindy bradford said...

Thank you so much for posting info about my book. Glad you liked Coyote Smart. You have been such a supporter, and just to think we had never even met until book one came out. Makes it worth the writing to meet such great folks like you and Rob. Why didn't you tell me you had an amazing web site? I love it. There is a class of luck kindergarten kiddos in the Austin area just soaking up your talents.