Sunday, January 23, 2011

OCC Golf Ball

Last night was the Onion Creek Golf Ball...what FUN!!
It was REALLY fun since "My PGA Man" got so much attention!
The food was great and seeing and visiting with OCC friends was even better!
My PE coach from Bedichek Jr. High is a new member of the club...
I had the best time talking
to "Coach Mullin" and his wife (teacher at Bedichek, too), Sharon! 
So glad they are members!
I wasn't too good about taking pictures at the is Rob after we got home.
He is SO PROUD! He won the Jimmy Connolly tourney in 2010
and was the Onion Creek Club 2010 Golfer of the YEAR!
The 2010 Golfer of the Year Trophy
It looks more like an academy award!
Rob assures me...."this is a golfer"! is the Jimmy Connolly Championship Trophy (Vase)!
Now to see what 2011 brings.....yesterday "My PGA Man" came in third in the first
OCC tourney of the year -- he has started racking up some points for the
year and already has 80$ Pro Shop Credit!

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WOW cool. :)