Sunday, December 05, 2010

Wine and Swine Festival

December 5, 2010
Bridges Ranch ~ Driftwood, Texas
 What a fun Texas and pigs!
Matt, Diana, Ken and John waiting in line to pay....
 We picked a wine glass before we entered...
Huge oaks...beautiful ranch..that usually has longhorns roaming through it!
We had to watch where we stepped...
This was a perfect climbing could walk right on it.
 Wine vendors everywhere -- we visited quite a few.
I loved the Bubbly Rose the best.....Rob loved one of the Pinot Noirs.
 The Driskill Grill had pork tamales, with mango HOT salsa served on
a pork rind....there is pork pate' on the side.
 My first little walk around the fire pits.
Desserts from Whole Food....The canollis were awesome!
 Rob trying another glass of wine!
Diana brought extra snacks...grapes, breads, pate', and a cream cheese log.
My favorite of the frosted pigs...from Rather Sweet Bakery in Fredricksburg.
Dan Rather's daughter's bakery....delicious!!
 A walk through the pig fire pit and spits.
 This piggy was wrapped in fabric and cooking on top of the coals.
 These were the Alamo Drafthouse pigs.....oranges smelled great!

 All cooked and ready to go.....
None of the pork tasted totally delicious...after seeing the little guys cook.
 Alamo Drafthouse's pork with butternut squash.
The green was a basil relish.
Rather Sweet's Bakery -- pork and slaw tacos.
VERY GOOD actually!
Almost as good as their pink pig cookies!
 A sunny day (my eyes are squinted shut)...nice and cool!
We had a BLAST!
John and Ken enjoying some pork and beer/wine!
 Our entertainment was by Ole' Alvin Crow - with his same ole' songs!
We played bocce ball and horseshoes to finish out the day!
 Matt cleaned his balls early in the morning.... Diana and Matt are showing off the shine!
 Diana in action as Rob, Matt and Celia look on....
 Me and Celia in action --we tried to be the BIG WINNERS!?!
 Our bocce refreshments.....Jordan almonds, pita chips, wine,
water,hot chocolate and coffee!

 Me and my buddy, Matt!
 Matt and Rob played a game of horseshoes before we headed home.
A fun time was had by all...except for the little piglets!!

We will be back next year......SUPER FUN!

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