Monday, June 20, 2011

Wildlife at our Ruidoso, New Mexico Cabin

When I was in Ruidoso a week ago...I had my camera ready and
was ready for my yearly wildlife photos....unfortunately I didn't see any bears
or the neighborhood "Mountain Lion / Cougar". I love photographing bears..but
will pass on that Cougar...that scares me!!
While I was there...I did manage to see...
 Mule Deer
 This cute little fox came to visit several nights in a row....night shot!
 Red House Wren
 Hummingbirds...I bet I took 400 photos and just ran scanned through them..
and picked these few to share with you!

This little guy was guarding the hummingbird feeder at dusk!

As of today, I have been home exactly one week...and these are a few bear
photos Mom took today...
AMAZING photos with her new camera...way to go, Mama!!
Last night Mom had a house full of company...and they all managed
to see 5 bears at one time...first an adult bear came down the mountain,
followed by a teenager bear (we think this is the teenager bear),
 then a Mama bear and two baby cubs. I hope she can catch the cubs
on film sometime this summer.
Usually our Ruidoso bears are very "scraggly".
This bear seems to have beautiful gaps or mats!
 Today, this "teenage" bear emptied all the birdfeeders.
They love birdseed for some reason?!?!
 He would knock down the food and then lay down and eat it.
He spent over an hour in Mom's front yard today....
 Checking for more birdseed....all that was left was a windchime!
Until next he goes...Mom was lucky because he didn't get into
her hummingbird feeders. Bears love that sweet water.
She brought in the "downed" birdfeeders and all the hummingbird
feeders for today...and for quite sometime...she is not ready to have
this guy come for daily visits...although it seems like him and his family are
"hanging around" the neighborhood!

Fun Ruidoso times....we love New Mexico in the summer and are so lucky to have our
family house there...we will enjoy it for many years to come!!


mom/jiji said...

Great shots Olna! Mamie BEARLY missed the furry family!!

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