Monday, June 13, 2011

Diana and Matt's Annual Canyon Lake Party

Diana and Matt's Annual Canyon Lake Party
May 21, 2011
Every year  I take my camer and don't take pictures....I did a little better this year!
Matt and Diana live in Austin during the work week and then spend the weekends
at their beautiful (AND I MEAN BEAUTIFUL) Canyon Lake house....
 As you can see...the house is simply may see it in a magazine someday!
 The deck is decorated and ready to GO!!
 The stream that goes through the back of the house...
 AND the amazing pool!
This is the only picture I got of the new "cabana house"
by the pool you can barely see it...
Matt finished it the day before the party!
The only food table I got a picture of .....Desserts...IMAGINE THAT!!
Russ' peanut butter cookies were my favorite!!
And Rob loved the other cookies he brought...I forgot the name!
 Let the tennis tournament begin!!
Beautiful JoAnn (Darwin's Mom)
and  Dr. Jack
 (Inventor of new Dialysis Machine & owner of Kali-Kate)
 playing tennis! 
 Bonnie and Lori
Larry and Russ
(Russ made the COOKIES Rob and I loved!!)
Alexia  (11.13.10) and Darwin (8.28.10)
They had fun looking at each other and watching a group of adults
sing "Wheels on The Bus" to them!  Wish I had that video Larry took...
Our friends Vicki and David....Chill'axin before our ride back to ATX
A wonderful party at Canyon Lake.....Can't wait to go back!
THANKS, Matt & Diana!!
We HEART you!!

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