Saturday, April 14, 2012

Peace, Prayers, and Blessings to Grandma Rose!

"Grandma Rose" (Cecero) Marchese
April 17, 1916-April 12, 2012
Rob's sweet Grandma passed away on Thursday morning....just after midnight!
She was the highlight of our trips to Rob's hometown of Batavia, New York!
It will never be the same without can tell by the obituary...The Marchese Family stays close to home...thank goodness Rob found a job in Austin after getting his masters from RIT (Rochester Institue of Technology)!!  Thank you Motorola/Freescale for hiring him....I am so lucky that he is a TEXAN now and never wants to go back!

Mrs. Rose (Cecero) Marchese, 95, of Batavia died Thursday (April 12, 2012) at United Memorial Medical Center following a short illness, just five days away from her 96th birthday.

She was born in Batavia April 17, 1916, a daughter of the late Vito and Anna Tenebruso Cecero. Mrs. Marchese was a member of Ascension Parish, the Altar and Rosary Society, St. Michael’s Society and the St. Joseph’s Table Committee which she helped to establish. She was also a member the St. Jerome Hospital Guild. Prior to her retirement Rose was employed by the NYS Department of Labor – Unemployment Office, Oliver’s Candies, Don’s Dinette and along with her husband they ran Batavia Washing Machine and Appliance Company.

She is preceded in death by her husband Joseph Marchese in 1978, daughter, Joanne M. Monachino in 2003, daughter-in-law, Joan Koziel Marchese; brothers, Anthony, John, Michael and Dominic Cecero and two sisters Theresa and Mary Cecero.

She is survived by her beloved sons Francis G. Marchese and Victor C. (Fiancée Brenda Scalia) Marchese of Batavia; two grandsons, Paul (Sandra) Marchese of Batavia, Robert (Melayne) Marchese of Austin Texas; two great-grandsons Joseph and Michael Marchese of Batavia; sisters-in-law, Eleanor Cecero and Joan Marchese of Batavia; brothers-in-law Steve (Rose) Marchese of California and Vincent March of Batavia who survive along with several nieces and nephews who loved Rose.


Anonymous said...

...i know yall will miss her... she had an amazing life.

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