Monday, April 09, 2012

Catching Fire


Hunger Games    5+ Stars -- LOVED IT!
Catching Fire     4 1/2 Stars -- LIKED it pretty good!

I read The Hunger Games in less than 48 hours....I was so excited to read the next book (Catching Fire) in the Trilogy. It did take me about a month to finish this second book (not sure why??) started right where the other book left that made it a quick, easy transition...but I just couldn't get into it!  We saw The Hunger Games at the movie theater on Good Friday...and it motivated me to pick up this book again...once I did that I couldn't put it down!

After the first book, I was so intrigued by Peeta, Katniss, Gale, and Prim...I could hardly wait to see what happened next..... the author surprised me over and over again. What an imagination! Katniss had a huge heart and she loves her sister well as Peeta and Gale! My favorite part in both books was when they are actually in the arena trying to become is amazing all the obstacles they have to go through.....such brave, wounded souls! Action on every single page...and many unpredictable twists and turns!!

Catching Fire ended with a cliffhanger "Katniss, there is no District Twelve."......I am anxious to read the next book to see where she goes and what she does...but I am not ready yet! I think I will take a Hunger Games break......

The funny thing is..."My PGA Man" went with me to the movie and was quick to come home and download the first book and he is reading it now, too! I am curious to see if he reads through all the trilogy himself before I even start book #3??....he adored the movie almost as much as I did!

Team Gale? Team Peeta? Hmmmm.......I adore Gale.....but after the movie I joined Team Peeta!


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