Thursday, July 14, 2011

Roatan, Honduras ~ Our Home Away From Home!

Rob and I have visited Roatan several other times.....unfortunantly this time we could only spend about 8 hours there. It was very hard to do...we wanted to stay another week! We have close friends in Roatan that run a tour guide service...and it is one of the most popular destinations on the island. We ziplined, played with the monkeys, drank monkey lalas and banana sodas, played in the crystal blue water, and most importantly spent a day with friends we consider family!
First things First....this is a Monkey LaLa
The best tropical drink you will ever drink!
Monkey LaLa Recipe

1 oz Baileys
1 oz Kahlua
1/2 oz Vodka
1/2 oz Rum
2 oz cream of coconut
splash of  cream
1 bannana
Pour over a full blender of ice, blend for 60 seconds.

 Ziplining at Mayan Jungle Canopy
(check out the slideshow on the can see my brother, Matt!)
He is the webmaster......and PR guy for Bodden Tours!
"My PGA Guy"  ~  Roberto
"Tia Esperanza" ~ That's me!
The group.....
Rob's brother ~ Paul

At the Bodden's New House.....It is just BEAUTIFUL!!
 Their avacado trees were loaded with the fruit...yummy!
Sweet Angie...she has grown so much since we had seen her last!
Rob and Victor
Shelsie, Angie, Me, and Janeth
Angie and Mallory.....Sweet Girls!
Monkey TIME.....
 Birds, Birds, and MORE Birds!

The Lemur
Victor and Janeth's Beautiful New Home
"Mi Casa Es Su Casa"
 The Boddens took us to Half Moon Bay for Coconut Shrimp...Our Island Favorite!

The Bodden Girls and Michael....Oh, how I hate to say goodbye to our Roatan Family!  The tears started flowing at the house before we came to the resturaunt!  What a sweet them with all my heart!
 Fun at the Beach.....along with Monkey LaLas!

Shopping before we got back on the ship...after we said our tearful goodbyes!
Rob bought me a new John Hardy bracelet from Diamond's International.
Victor's sister and nephew both work there...and gave us a special price!
 Goodbye Roatan...we will be back for a week long visit soon!!


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