Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sneaks and Cleats Tourney

The OCC's annual Sneaks and Cleats Tournament
Sneaks = Tennis (3 sets alternating partners)
Cleats = Golf (9 hole scramble)
Our team was called The Naylor Nine Irons.
The tennis players were...
 "My PGA Man" ~ Rob
 Captian Naylor ~ Matt
 Karen and Diana
 The Tennis Guys ~ Rob and Matt
The Tennis Gals ~ Karen and Diana
The tennis team won 4 out of 6 points!
Way to Go, Naylor's Nine Irons!!
The Golf Team (plus Diana)
Me, Rob, Matt, and Pauly
Let the golf tourney began....

Matt and Diana
Pauly and Karen
Me and Rob on the beverage cart.
Our team shot -4, so we were the BIG WINNERS
of the 2001 SNEAKS and CLEATS Tournament!
Woohoo ~ Naylor's Nine Irons are AWESOME!

Then...the fun began....a few more beverages from the cart girl,
Flip-Flop/Barefoot golfing (ROB!!), and cigars!
There were almost 10 in our group..playing the 2nd nine!
Not great OCC golf course etiquette..but it was WAY FUN!
DJ and Jule...ready to go??
We all started out playing golf..then the girls slowly started enjoying
the beverages MORE..and just watched and laughed.

 Karen and Julie
 Janet and Marissa

A self portrait.....we were "HAPPY"...driving the golf cart like Mad Women!!
I will ride with Diana anytime.....tons of adventure!
 The GOLFING GUYS!!  We heart Pauly....:)
 Watch for Rob in his flip flops and bare feet..the FUN BEGINS!
Pauly loved using my pink ball...he will find it in his bag next time he golfs!
Diana took this picture of Rob taking my picture putting....
even though it is is one of my FAVORITES!!
Barb and Perry joined our group for the last two holes.
Then the after party begins at Serranos.....champagne, margaritas and Tex-Mex!
An Amazing Day with GREAT FRIENDS!
Can't wait for the 2012 Onion Creek Club Sneaks and Cleats Tourney!


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