Saturday, March 26, 2011

A B C's of ME!

Today - you get My A to Z's
Everyone else is doing it..

A.  Age ~ a little past the mid 40s!
B.  Bed ~ king size
C.  Chore(s) You Dislike ~ folding clothes  and emptying the dishwasher
D.  Dogs ~ "Lola" the long hair mini -dachshund and "Bogart" the dachshund
E.  Essential Start to your Day ~ COFFEE!
F.  Favorite Color ~ pink and green
G.  Gold or Silver? ~ White Gold/Silver
H.  Height ~ 5'3"
I.  Instruments You Have Played ~ flute and piano (haven't played either in YEARS!)
J.  Job Title ~ Kindergarten Teacher
K. Kids ~ No...I teach kindergarten..enjoy my quiet in the evenings.
L.  Live ~ Austin, Texas "ATX"
M.  Mom's Name ~ Olna Lee
N.  Nicknames ~ Mamie
O.  Overnight Stays in the Hospital ~ None
P.  Pet Peeves ~ people smacking and chomping on ice (especially in movie theaters)
Q.  Quote from a Movie ~ "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn!" Clark Gable - Gone With the Wind
R.  Righty or Lefty? ~ Righty
S.  Siblings ~ two brothers Matthew and Jon Mark (both younger then me!!)
T.  Time You Wake Up ~ 5:45 am
U.  Underwear ~ YES
V.  Vegetables You Dislike ~ Cilantro  (ICK!!)
W.  What Makes You Run Late? ~  if I have to go back home to see if I unplugged my Chi.
X.  Xrays You Have Had?  foot and finger
Y.  Yummy Food You Make ~ Chocolate Sheath Cake and My Famous Bean Dip
Z.  Zoo Animal Favorites ~ Bears


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