Sunday, October 11, 2015

Last Day in Vegas!

We tried a new breakfast place today Hexx Kitchen + Bar. Their drinks looked unbelievable but we will have to remember that for our next visit! Rob had a traditional meat omelet.

I had Baked French Toast ~ mascarpone, bananas, Ecuador chocolate, bourbon syrup!
Pretty intense chocolate taste but mighty tasty! Notice my breakfasts never have much protein!

We left for airport in our limo 2 hours and 15 minutes early...SWA computer system completely down nationwide and all the processing being done by hand. We were in baggage line outside of airport up to highway and back in the hot desert sun and then finally inside to more lines in two hours (at one point older people were 'dropping like flies' and wheelchair after wheelchair kept passing us by--should have been a better plan for the sick and elderly) one stop they asked us flight time and said we may(?) 'have hope' to make it so they sent us to a 'fast track line'...we actually made it to our flight....we walked right on after a quick potty break! No missed or delayed plane for us so we were lucky!!!! Happy yo be back home with the dachies! We had a great trip with our friends....Lee, Susan, Perry, and Barb!! Can't wait for our next adventure with them!

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