Sunday, July 01, 2012

Day Trip to Playa Del Carmen

We broke away from our "adult only" FIVE STAR  ***** resort to venture into
Playa Del Carmen for a few hours of shopping, beach walking, margaritas and some amazing quesadillas.....the resort shuttled us over in their van and picked us up, too!
 We enjoyed walking the streets of Playa Del Carmen..we felt very safe?! with these armed military guys everywhere we looked! 
Some of the tourists took pictures with these guys...they seemed very friendly!
Dr. Seuss' Thing 1, Thing 2 ~ a new twist!
We shopped...mainly for t shirts and some bandaids and bug spray!
The mosquitoes were out at the resort in the evenings....
 This was the first day we saw the sun on our week in can imagine how red "My PGA Man's" head got on this outing...and I tanned! I don't remember it being very windy...but my hair sure is blowing in this picture!
 The ferry to Cozumel....we wish we had gone to one of our favorite activities there...The Cozumel Bar Hop (I still need to blog about that amazing day ~ July 2011!)
 My element.....laying in the sun....always been a sun goddess and probably always will!
We saw them setting up for a wedding...
 My PGA Man...looking good in his Tiger Woods red!

Posing at Senor Frogs.....
Loved this quaint little Hotel.....always looking for possibilities...
 An iguana with a tail that is growing back....
Loved this place....kinda wanted to eat there...but we were in MEXICO!
 Looked like a great place for a couple of margaritas.....2 for 1!
 Posing for the Las Delicias'  FB page....our pictures haven't shown up on their page yet...we are anxiously awaiting our debut!
It was HOT and STICKY..patiently waiting for a cold drink! 
Margarita #1 for the day...and the BEST one in Playa Del Carmen!
Delicious Quesadillas!
Their hot sauce was amazing...we wish they had it packaged to bring home with us!
I am enjoying margarita #2 and in Mexico that is PLENTY!
 Rob is cooling off and watching soccer!
This was a perfect ending to our day in Playa del Carmen.....Red Solo Cup...loved it!
An amazing outing...we really had fun!

The shuttle ride back was enjoyable we met a couple from New Jersey...he picks and throughbred & harness racehorses and owns The Horse Racing Source...his name was Sam of Sam's Picks!  He is a race horse owner as well.....If you know me and my family well, you know I am a horseracing we talked and talked all the way back to the resort!


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