Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pete's Trail of Lights in Circle C

We have spent two evenings driving through the streets of Circle C Ranch looking at Christmas Lights. Last Saturday, we went to a party in a gated community there..and the lights were we decided to go back and look for more!! We took my Mom for a trip and found a cul-de-sac that was decorated to the fullest. Last night we went to Galaxy Cafe with our friends Bonnie and Darren and then we went in search of the same light display....we found one that was even more AMAZING!! 
Notice the neighbor's house "Ditto" is spelled with lights above their garage with an arrow pointing to Pete's house. Oh, so CUTE!! I took a few pictures with my new camera..and Rob immediately took there are no pictures of him this are some highlights from our little trip through Pete's front and backyard...
 Posing by the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree!
 Elvis is ironing in the backard!
One of my favorite features were all the huge stuffed Santas...many animated.
Mr. Pete had a tunnel of these guys singing and dancing....even an animated Grinch..PRICELESS!!
 I was determined to get my picture with Santa somewhere...I had over 200+ to choose from!
We attempted a few pics with Darren's and Rob's iphones....not sure how those turned out!?!?
 Taz on a toilet....(read the sign!!)  Remember...Rob's photos...REALLY!?!?!
 Cat in the Hat Kayaking and a skiing snowman....
 A golf bag full of candycanes....My PGA Man's photo...GOLF, GOLF, GOLF!!!
What a fun trip through Pete's Yard....If you are dying to go...and you live in ATX...
Here are the directions!

Pete’s Trail of Lights
Go Mopac (Loop 1) south and exit Slaughter Lane and go west ½ mile…..turn left on Escarpment, and go ½ mile. Turn right on LaCrosse and go ½ mile. Turn left on Natick Lane and then immediately turn right on Nusser and go ¼ mile. Turn left on Rigsbee. Ta Da! You have arrived and it will be SO WORTH the drive!

Questions? about Pete's Display?  He has that covered, too....this was posted for all to see...
What a fun ATX evening....we LOVED it!!
See the people flowing we were leaving a hay ride...decorated with lights drove up...thank goodness we missed those 30+ kids on our peaceful stroll through this winter wonderland!


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