Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Happy Birthday, Grandma Putska!

Today would have been my Grandma’s Pustka’s  birthday!
(my ex-husband's Grandma who I have always loved like my own!!)

If I could have bottled up Grandma's Czech accent.....I would have..
she was so fun to listen to!
Everytime we visited she made homemade kolaches and homemade noodles
Oh yeah, don't forget the Shiner Beer!
She lived in Shiner, Texas and a couple of her sons still work at the brewery.
Her daughter -- "Irene" is still the best mother-in-law a girl could ask for.....
I still consider he my own..and I know she feels the same about me!!

Ervin ("ex") wrote these lessons about her today...
and I adore each and every one of them...

She died a few years back, but her memories live on in me...
 and a few lessons she taught all that she loved.....

• Have faith in God and believe in the good of each person
• Be tender with the young and with the old
• Pray like you mean it – keep your rosary nearby
• Enjoy your life and live it abundantly, joyfully, and to the fullest
• Work hard to get along with everyone, but especially with your family
• Humility is the best policy
• Plant enough, work enough, dance enough, play enough
• Be content with what you have
• Compassion means being kind, making a coffee cake, taking time to sit and listen, sharing joys and sadness
• Forgive one other
• Listen to the birds and take care of your plants; they’re God’s creations
• Think of others before you think of yourself
• Every day is a gift from God
• No matter how old you are, you’re still a kid
• There’s a time for laughing and there’s a time for working
• Remember your past and tell stories– the more you tell them the better they get
• Don’t watch too much TV – the farmers almanac is just as good
• Remember those you loved by telling stories about them
• Look for the best in others
• Have a porch and sit on it – enjoy the beautiful day with an iced tea and a good friend to talk too
• Playing harmonica keeps the lungs strong, makes the heart happy, and brings joy to the soul
• You are never too old to fall in love
• Never pass up a dance with a good looking man
• A good fire has a way of bringing people together
• Roll up the carpet and dance - a polka gets the pulse going
• Pick cotton – but always stop to pray
• When you play 42, play the right domino and play to win
• Stand by your man
• Always make sure you have enough klobasniki
• Sausage compliments any meal. Sausage compliments EVERY meal!
• There will always be enough food on the table and enough water in the tub – even if we all get to share
• A single wood stove can provide enough warmth if you let it
• Be honest with yourself and others
• Eat comfort food – machka (omáèka), kolaches with extra posypka, halushki, kaponka, stewed chicken
• Plant a garden, take care of it, and share it with others
• The smell of freshly baked bread says welcome home

She lived every day with a belief in the simple principles of life: love well, pray,
say what you mean, don’t hurt people,
enjoy the world around you.
Happy Birthday, Grandma Putska!!


Kim said...

Love it! We have a strong German heritage, but we have lots of love for the Czechs! My dad and mom used to take us to a ton of polka dances when we were little. My cousins are the Dujka Brothers. Look them up! Still going strong in younger generations too! :)

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